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Monogrammed Door Mat for Outdoor Use

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Rubber Monogrammed Doormat

Many people go the length to have their door mat personalized to give a private, personal, and inviting touch as the greeting to their home visitor at the entrance door. There are many kinds of message chosen as the greeting on a door mat. However, if you only want to have a personal touch at the entrance door, you can go with monogrammed door mat. Aside from its simplicity with the initials, it also can give a personal touch. The simplicity offered is preferable by those who don’t like elaborate message at their doorstep.

Monogrammed Door Mat with Coir Fibers

Monogrammed door mat comes in a simple design made of thick woven of coconut shells fiber. The fiber is the perfect choice as an outdoor mat since its strong quality of being durable in all seasons. Aside from being durable in all seasons, door mat made of coconut shells fiber is also suitable to clean the dirt that comes beneath the footwear from stepping outside. The rough texture and the tight thread of the fibers will clean the dirt easily with one sweep on the door mat. It is why door mat with this material is more fitting to be placed outdoor since footwear from outdoor is more likely to have more dirt. However, it doesn’t mean that coir door mat is not for indoor use. It is also suitable for indoor one but the simple look of brown thread of coir is more for outdoor. You might want to decorate your interior with door mat that have strong style and color.

Coir door mat is advantageous as an outdoor mat. However, the quality of the material can’t be customized further into more creative form. Thus, it results in a monotone and limited models. Be that as it may, the simplicity is what makes people don’t want to use another kind of mat as it is superior in the function compared to others. To ‘trick’ the monotonous look of a coir door mat, they usually have it customized into monogrammed doormat with black border.

Other variation of the mat is the combination of coir fiber and rubber frame. The rubber will prevent the mat from slipping while the coir is placed in the middle of the frame with message customized.

Monogrammed door mat made of coir fiber is the perfect choice for welcome outdoor mat as its superior quality to rub off the dirt clean beneath footwear stepped from outdoor.

Monogrammed B Doormat

10 Photos of the Monogrammed Door Mat for Outdoor Use

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