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Stand Alone Bathtub Style and Model Options


Stand alone bathtub is becoming new trend of bathroom upgrade plans. It is classically stylish and modern touches. If you have plan for remodeling your bathroom, free standing bathtub can be your best choice. Nevertheless, you again need options and tips how to choose best design and style of bathtub for your bathroom. Modern bathroom is never away with a tru “wow” factors by considering free standing bathtub models. Today’s bathroom is designed such a spa-like baths ro replace Jacuzzi and garden tubs which have been so famous recently of these years.

This kind of bathroom is simply bathtubs which are not installed to a wall. You can place bathtub anywhere and everywhere you intend to. Exterior deck or surround do not exist in this type of bathtub. Alone bathtub is really free. These bathtubs are specialized for people who want a true focal point when they eneter their bathroom. Besides, stand alone bathtub styles give a beautiful fixture which functions as a piece of furniture in the bathroom.

Perfection of Stand Alone Bathtub Works in Large and Small Bathroom

This stand alone bathtub is typically stated to need a larger bathroom area for full effect. Nevetheless, this style of bathtub also works in smaller bathroom. Usually, they are always of the cast-iron designed but today, they are available in a wide range of materials and also finishes. It is including wood, copper, enale, and probably volcanic stone to make nature impression in the bathroom. Old-fashioned tubs can be designed from copper or brass. They are classically stunning focal point and expensive in high maintenance.

Todays free standing bathtubs are designed more modern with acrylic and fiberglas which have much lighter and variety in colors. However, some of you perhaps still prefer on choice of classic cast iron retaining heat well and best resisting scratching, fading, and of course chipping as well. Stand alone bathtub designs are supported by feet and a decorative pedestal base which are almost limitless. So, you can adjust these styles of bathtubs with your own style. To create comfortable place or bathing, it is necessary for you to choose the style for clawfoot bathtubs and pedestal bathtubs to personalize your unique bathtub.

To know the stand alone bathtub prices, you are provided a list in the Internet along with the detailed pictures. Just a knowledgement of the common price, stand alone bathtub is started around $1,000 and go up. However, it depends on the style, model design, and also material. A stand bathtub is perfect choice to create a looking of an art piece as the centerpiece. They give you astonishing a spa-like feeling you can enjoy every time you enter the bathroom.


30 Photos of the Stand Alone Bathtub Style and Model Options


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